[EU WAREHOUSE] Xiaomi HIMO C20 Foldable Electric Moped Bicycle

€596 €806
[EU WAREHOUSE] Xiaomi HIMO C20 Foldable Electric Moped Bicycle
[EU WAREHOUSE] Xiaomi HIMO C20 Foldable Electric Moped Bicycle
€596 €806

ONLY €596 for Xiaomi HIMO C20 Foldable Electric Moped Bicycle


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Xiaomi HIMO C20 Foldable Electric Moped Bicycle

High-quality Frame

HIMO C20 has a patented structural with an integrated design. It has passed the high-level NC processing technology and 3C certification. With a 20 Inch lightweight frame, it has high quality and stability.

Three Switchable Riding Mode

HIMO C20 has both electric power and human power support, three riding modes. The pure electric mode meets daily commuting, and manpower or electric-assist riding can make you enjoy a pleasant ride.

Shimano Variable Speed Drive

HIMO C20 features a 6-speed Shimano shifting system that adjusts the riding speed by adjusting the size of the front and rear sprocket wheels. With a 250W DC brushless motor, you can get a powerful power output for cycling.

Hidden Inflator Pump

Inflatable tires have low resistance and strong grip, which can easily pass through bumpy roads. The portable pump is hidden in the tube of the saddle and can be used for easy air pumping.

80KM Electric Moped Mileage

18650 lithium battery, 10Ah power brings a long-lasting energy output up to 80km electric moped mileage. The 2.5kg battery pack is perfectly hidden in the main beam of the frame. The pull-out design is flexible for charging.


On the saddle pin there is a marking for the maximal height.Above this height, the upper part of the frame will tend to break.Do not surpass the marking.

Please read the local regulations about the electric bike before purchasing this product. Please read the following “warranty& return terms” before purchasing this product. Please wear a helmet and protective tools while driving an electric bike to ensure safe driving. For safety reason, please do not ride on rainy days, and not soak the electric bike. Please charge the electric bike regularly in winter. It is recommended to charge it once a week to avoid damaging the battery.

Warranty & Return Terms


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