SQ001 Upgraded 65W Soldering Iron Station Digital OLED Programmable Interface DC5525

€35,06 €66,97
SQ001 Upgraded 65W Soldering Iron Station Digital OLED Programmable Interface DC5525
SQ001 Upgraded 65W Soldering Iron Station Digital OLED Programmable Interface DC5525
€35,06 €66,97

ONLY €35,06 for SQ001 Upgraded 65W Soldering Iron Station Digital OLED Programmable Interface DC5525 Built-in STM32 Chip RC Car Parts – Black SQ-001+Adapter+EU Plug


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MINI SQ-001 Electric soldering iron is an upgraded version internal heat intelligent numerical control soldering iron. Lightweight design, easy to install and use, easy to remove and store, comfortable control handle, high-efficiency heating end, simple control interface. It is a favorite tool for electronic engineers and electronic maintenance enthusiasts.
It can work in DC 12-24V. OLED screen display, key temperature adjustment, external independent power supply. In DC 19V 40W state, 15 seconds temperature rise to 300 ℃.
Model name: SQ-001 
Color: Black, Blue(optional) Product Size:Length is 172mm Product Weight:30.4g
Power output:65W
Temperature : 100-400 °C / 212-752°F
Factory default temperature:  300  °C / 572°F
Power supply: DC 12-24V  5.5 * 2.5mm standard interface
The upgraded parts between the : 1.Material:This upgradeds uses based on 304 stainless steel nested ABS + PC shell (more environmentally and better feel) 2.Firmware:This upgraded version (flashing the latest and most stable firmware can intelligently control the temperature between 100-400 degrees, the temperature is more stable) 3.Handle:The back of the handle is round and the front is smooth.(it is close to a cylinder, the welding is comfortable, and the design is more user-friendly 4.Button:This upgrades is round shape 5.Double Side:Full screen printing (full screen printing upgrade) 6.This upgraded give free bakelite soldering iron frame + power cord 
SQ-001 is based on 304 stainless steel nested ABS + PC shell, Integrated special power interface, Safety circuit design, Antistatic structure.
The perfect combination of embedded STM32 processor, dual temperature sensor and acceleration transmitter.
Make SQ-001 realize intelligent temperature control between 100-400 degrees, more stable temperature, instantaneous temperature rise, automatic sleep, over temperature alarm and other functions.
Heating end:
The heating end adopts internal heating core
Factory preset temperature: 300 ℃
Temperature stability : ± 2%
External independent power supply: DC 5525 power interface, suitable for DC 12-24v notebook power supply, vehicle power supply and power supply.
USB interface: set temperature rise curve, user defined function key and firmware upgrade function through parameter file.
Additional functions: application layer open source design. You can change the internal parameter settings according to your own needs to meet more and more performance needs of different customers.  
Safety Instructions
1. Please use ground clamp, proper power supply and other accessories      
  to ensure safe use.                                                                                     
2. When SQ-001 is used for the first time, it may slightly smoke due to    
heating of electric heating element, which is normal Phenomenon.  
3. If SQ-001 is used continuously for more than 350 ° C for 40 minutes,
 the handle temperature of soldering iron will 50°C~60°C.
4. When SQ-001 temperature rises, do not contact the iron head to avoid 
5. When SQ-001 is powered on, the iron head cannot be replaced.  Technical Parameter
Operating voltage Power The fastest time to heat up  (from30℃-300℃)    
12V 17W 40S
16V 30W 20S
19V 40W 15S
24V 65W 11S



Preset temperature 300℃(Initial setup)
Power saving temperature 200℃(Initial setup)


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