[EU WAREHOUSE] Roborock Dyad 13KPa Wet And Dry Smart Wireless Vacuum Cleaner & Washer

€376 €399
[EU WAREHOUSE] Roborock Dyad 13KPa Wet And Dry Smart Wireless Vacuum Cleaner & Washer
[EU WAREHOUSE] Roborock Dyad 13KPa Wet And Dry Smart Wireless Vacuum Cleaner & Washer
€376 €399

ONLY €376 for Roborock Dyad 13KPa Wet and Dry Smart Wireless Vacuum Cleaner & Washer


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Roborock Dyad 13KPa Wet and Dry Smart Wireless Vacuum Cleaner & Washer

TWO Motors + Three-rollers System & Vanquish Wet and Dry Messes

DyadPower patented by the brand allows you to remove dirt with a single pass, with a unique and innovative cleaning system. Save Time by Vacuuming and Washing Your Floors at The Same Time. Roborock Dyad is the first vacuum cleaner on the market to use two motors to exclusively drive its three-roller system, intelligently installed to clean more effectively. The front motor rotates in the opposite direction to the rear, so the rollers do the same. In particular, one roller is positioned on the front and two on the back, allowing them to rotate in opposite directions at high speed to remove dirt, wet or dry with a single pass, leaving floors instantly dry and stain free.

Remove All Types of Dirt from Various Surface

Features powerful scrubbing and suction to easily clean tough, stuck-on messes or everyday floor cleaning problems like milk, coffee stains, pet hair, big and small particles etc. Safe to use on all types of hardfloor including sealed woodfloor, tile, marble, laminate, vinyl etc. It is forbidden to use the cleaning function in a blanket and an uneven ground.

260W Brushless Digital Motor, 13000pa Suction Pressure, 5000mAh Non-detachable Battery Pack

Working Time: 35mins for standard mode.

Max Mode, Floor Drying Mode and Auto Mode

Deep clean your entire floor, with up to 280sqm (3000)sqft maximum cleaning range on a single charge.

*Based on internal testing carried out by the manufacturer in Auto mode and traveling at a speed of 0.5m/s. Actual results may vary based on actual home environments, general cleanliness, cleaning habits, and more.

Auto Mode, which can adapt to different situations of household dirt. With its surprising infrared spot detection system to increase water flow and suction power when working. In this mode, the Roborock Dyad recognizes surface and type of dirt, automatically increasing both the flow of water delivered and the suction power.

Max Mode, double cleaning capacity, generally used in the kitchen and other stain severe regions.

Bathroom floor soaked after a shower? You can dry that up, too. Using a dedicated Floor Drying Mode.

One Full-length Main Roller + Two Rear Rollers & Better Cleaning Edge to Edge

Clean better with more rollers. One full-length main roller plus two rear rollers equal massive cleaning power. Right to both edges of the cleaning head, leaving dirt no escape.

Move Fast and Smooth & Brush Head Can Be Rotated Up To 180 °

Whip smoothly around chair legs, table legs, and people’s legs with an agile cleaning head. And with two counter-rotating rollers, you can push and pull using just one finger.

No Cleaning After Cleaning & One-Touch Self-Cleaning Function

Push a button and transform your dirty rollers into clean ones. After cleaning, solid dirt is split from dirty water in the dirty tank. All that’s left for you to do is empty it. Easily activate the self-cleaning function with just a single press of button. The machine flushes brushroll and tubes with clean water, keeping the brushroll clean and your home odor-free. Note: *When you want to use the self-cleaning function , the product needs to be in the status of charging, then the light on the display is on,next press the button, the product flushes brush roll and tubes with cleaning water, keeping the brush roll clean and your home odor-free. Then take the brush roll into the accessory rack and let it dry. *After the cleaning function is used each time, the self-cleaning function is the last step, it is very important, the cleaning the brush roll is used to avoid the brush roll is stinking.

Smart LED Display

Battery Level, Self-cleaning, Cleaning Mode, Clean water tank empty, Dirty water tank full.

Separate Clean/ Dirty Water Tank

850ml Clean Water Tank & 620ml Dirty Water Tank. Easy to install and remove the separate clean/ dirty water tanks. Keeps clean water and solution separated from dry debris and dirty water, enable you to continuously clean the floor with clean water.

Dirty Detection Sensor

Clean smart, not hard. In a fight against tough stains, adaptive cleaning turns up suction and water automatically. In tandem, an on-screen indicator tells you how dirty your floor is. Now you know where to focus.

Listen Out for Alerts

Forget memorizing error codes or digging out manuals. Just listen out for voice alerts that tell you what you need to know.


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