Orlandoo OH32X01 1/32 4WD DIY Frame RC Kit Rock – BANGGOOD

59€ 75€
Orlandoo OH32X01 1/32 4WD DIY Frame RC Kit Rock – BANGGOOD
Orlandoo OH32X01 1/32 4WD DIY Frame RC Kit Rock – BANGGOOD
59€ 75€

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UNVEIL THE JOY FOR JUST 59€ courtesy of our SPECIAL COUPON for the Orlandoo OH32X01 1/32 4WD DIY Frame RC Kit Rock Crawler. Immerse in the journey of building your Off-Road Vehicle masterpiece sans Electronic Parts – BANGGOOD

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Embark on a creative adventure with Orlandoo’s OH32X01 1/32 4WD DIY Frame RC Kit Rock Crawler, where the thrill of assembly meets the power of personalization. An offer not to be missed, this kit invites you to construct an off-road vehicle with your hands, fine-tuning it for performance. Celebrated by hobbyists for its design ingenuity and by enthusiasts for its scale detail, this DIY kit is a compelling choice for anyone passionate about RC models. Enjoy the pride of crafting your vehicle and experiencing the rush of off-road challenges. Take the leap and transform the way you engage with RC technology!


For connoisseurs of miniaturized mechanics, the Orlandoo Hunter OH32X01 model kit is a revelation. This self-assembled vehicle, molded in a gleaming white plastic, is a testament to RC craftsmanship. It awaits the customized touch of your preferred electronic components to spring to life. Jam-packed with robust features, including metal gears and drive shafts, the vehicle boasts a 1:32 scale, rivaling many of its larger counterparts in sophistication. With a footprint measuring a mere 122*70*55mm, it packs a wallop in a compact size, and its 89mm wheelbase and 61mm track width promise agility and stability off-road. Eager builders need to supply a few more items to complete the picture: a 500-2000rpm motor (product id: 1650538), the D4L 4-in-1 remote controller (product id: 1403239), a 2.2g digital servo (product id: 10517783), and a 7.4v 120mAh ph2.0 plug battery. The assembly demands precision and the end result is rewarding – a bespoke off-road warrior with responsive handling and traversing ability that belies its petite stature. Collectors and RC enthusiasts alike will delight at the quality and challenge presented by this fascinating kit.


Orlandoo OH32X01 1/32 4WD DIY Frame RC Kit Rock Crawler Car Off-Road Vehicles without Electronic Parts
59€ 75€


Product Review

The Orlandoo OH32X01 4WD DIY Frame RC Kit is a dream for miniature scale model builders and RC enthusiasts. It offers a blank canvas for creators to impart their skills and personality into a mini-scale rock crawler. Its scale accuracy and attention to detail ensure that once completed, whether displayed or tackling a challenging backyard course, it is sure to turn heads and spark conversations.

Pros and Cons


  • High-Quality Materials: The kit includes metal gears and drive shafts, ensuring durability and long-term performance.
  • Customizable Experience: Builders have the freedom to select and install their preferred electronic components.
  • Scale Realism: Despite its small size, it boasts remarkable scale realism that will please the most discerning hobbyists.
  • Compact Dimensions: Its tiny footprint allows it to navigate through tight spaces, perfect for indoor or small-area crawling.


  • Electronics Not Included: Buyers need to purchase the motor, transmitter, servos, and battery separately, which could be a hurdle for some.
  • Assembly Required: Some might find the assembly process challenging or time-consuming.

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