52€ with Coupon for Honor Router 3 WiFi 6+ Dual Band Wireless WiFi – BANGGOOD

52€ 91€
52€ with Coupon for Honor Router 3 WiFi 6+ Dual Band Wireless WiFi – BANGGOOD
52€ with Coupon for Honor Router 3 WiFi 6+ Dual Band Wireless WiFi – BANGGOOD
52€ 91€

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ONLY 52€ with our EXCLUSIVE COUPON for Honor Router 3 WiFi 6+ Dual Band Wireless WiFi Router Support Mesh Networking OFDMA 3000Mbps 128MB Wireless Signal Booster Repeater – BANGGOOD

52€ with Coupon for Honor Router 3 WiFi 6+ Dual Band Wireless WiFi - BANGGOOD
Honor Router 3 WiFi 6+ Dual Band Wireless WiFi Router Support Mesh Networking OFDMA 3000Mbps 128MB Wireless Signal Booster Repeater
52€ 91€
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Product name

Honor Router 3

Device type

Wireless router, smart router, home router


Operating system

Huawei RTOS system





Wireless Parameters

Transmission standard

802.11ax/ac/n/a 2*2 & 802.11ax/n/b/g 2*2, MU-MIMO

Wireless rate

Dual-band concurrent, 2976Mbps (2.4GHz: 574Mbps, 5GHz: 2402Mbps)

Wireless frequency band

2.4GHz & 5GHz, support dual frequency optimization

Antenna gain


Antenna type

Four external high-performance antennas

Wired Parameters

Network port transmission protocol

802.3, 802.3u, 802.3ab


Mobile phone App

Support Huawei Smart Life APP local/remote management

WiFi mode

Support three modes: wall penetration, standard and sleep

QoS feature

Support device speed limit: limit the bandwidth of the device for Mac address

Security features

Smart device safe, Wi-Fi access authorization, Wi-Fi anti-violent cracking, automatic shielding of crackers; support for the new generation of wireless encryption protocol WPA3; support for firewall, DMZ, Dos attack protection, etc.


Internet protection for children/elders, mobile game acceleration, online class acceleration, dual-band optimization, blind plugging of network ports, automatic optimization of channels in time, Huawei HiLink smart home, 802.11v, IPv4/IPv6, PPPoE/DHCP/static IP/ For Mac address cloning/Bridge WAN Internet access mode, Wi-Fi repeat, Wi-Fi timer on/off, guest Wi-Fi, network device management, For Mac address filtering, VPN transparent transmission, DMZ/virtual server


Power supply

12V DC, 1 A

Power consumption

Less than 12 W

Hi button

Support HiLink one-key pairing, compatible with WPS

Reset button

Independent Reset button


Gigahome dual-core 1.2GHz CPU

Network port

Provide four 10M/100/1000M adaptive rate Ethernet interfaces, support WAN/LAN adaptive (blind insertion of network port)


Product size

242mm x 151.9mm x 40.9 mm

Product weight

About 379g

Software name

Huawei terminal home router communication management software V6.0

Working temperature


1. Wi-Fi 6+ 3000Mbps, Download An HD Movie in 10 Seconds
Honor Router 3 dual-band concurrent theoretical rate is up to 2976Mbps (2.4GHz 574Mbps+, 5GHz 2402Mbps), the actual download rate can be up to 1Gbps when connected to the 5GHz band, and a HD movie can be downloaded in 10 seconds.
2. Wi-Fi 6+ Comes From End-to-End Self-Developed Chips
Honor Router 3 uses Huawei’s self-developed Gigahome Wi-Fi chip, through the underlying chip synergy acceleration technology, and with the Honor 30 series mobile phone, the signal is better and faster.
3. 160MHz Super Wide Bandwidth, Double the Speed
Both Honor Router 3 and Honor Wi-Fi 6 mobile phones support 160MHz bandwidth, the theoretical speed is up to 2402Mbps, twice the 80MHz bandwidth (same MU-MIMO number), and the actual use speed has been greatly improved.
4. Dynamic Narrow Bandwidth, Can Go Through One More Wall
Honor Router 3 and Honor Wi-Fi 6 mobile phones cooperate through self-developed chips, so that the signal bandwidth returned by the mobile phone to the router can be dynamically changed, and the signal quality can be increased by up to 6dB to achieve the effect of going through one more wall.
5. Compatible with Wi-Fi 5 160MHz Bandwidth, Honor Wi-Fi 5 Mobile Phone Speed Increased by 60%+
Honor Router 3 is compatible with the 160MHz bandwidth of Wi-Fi 5, and Huawei/Honor’s Wi-Fi 5 flagship terminals have already supported 160MHz bandwidth. Connecting to Honor Router 3 can also increase the speed.
6. Gigahome Dual-core, Wi-Fi 6 Intelligent Crossover, More Stable and Faster Connection Speed
Equipped with Gigahome dual-core 1.2GHz processor, the computing power is up to 6000DMIPS, powerful performance; the dual-core intelligent scheduling collaborative processing with more than 128MB large memory; The intelligent frequency division of Wi Fi 6 can achieve 4 times of concurrency, of which 2.4GHz supports 4 concurrency, 5GHz supports 16 concurrency, and the total number of dual frequency access devices is up to 128, ensuring more stability in multi connection and multi task.
7. One-click Mesh Networking with Multiple Honor Routers, Enables Greater Wi-Fi Coverage
After networking, multiple routes are automatically unified into a Wi-Fi name, and faster Wi-Fi is automatically selected according to the device location. After purchasing Honor Router 3, the previous Honor router can still be extended to mesh network with Honor router 3.
8. Honor Mobile Phone Game Acceleration, More Smooth Game Experience
Support Game Turbo feature, router and mobile phone Wi-Fi chip collaboration, 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual-band simultaneously connect to the mobile phone, greatly reducing stuck. Honor Router 3 can intelligently identify 3000+ games and send game data to low-latency channels, greatly reducing game delays.
9. Online Courses, Remote Work Acceleration Tool
Honor Router 3 can intelligently identify online network courses and remote work data streams, and forward them at a high level, greatly reducing Wi-Fi signal delay.
10. Children Online Protection, More at Ease of Parents
Honor Router 3 can use the Smart Life APP to limit the use time/payment (WeChat, Alipay, Huawei wallet)/game/video/social restrictions on the devices designated by parents, effectively preventing children from indulging in the Internet. It can also block pornographic, violent, gambling and other unhealthy websites to ensure children’s healthy online access.
Please note that this product is Chinese version. We can provide an English version of the user manual to help you understand the router. The English version of the application is also supported. But the web interface only supports Chinese, which means you need to use a translation tool to “translate to English”.


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