GEEKBUYING Smart Steam Eye Mask: Comfort for Your Eyes

61€ 77€
GEEKBUYING Smart Steam Eye Mask: Comfort for Your Eyes
GEEKBUYING Smart Steam Eye Mask: Comfort for Your Eyes
61€ 77€

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Get your hands on the Hi+ Wireless Portable Smart Steam Eye Mask at an Exclusive Discounted Price of only 61€ by using our COUPON. The eye mask offers relief from eyestrain, constant temperature heating, 3D surround app control, eye protection, decompression, nourishment for skin, lightening of dark circles, and comes in grey color.

GEEKBUYING Smart Steam Eye Mask: Comfort for Your Eyes
Hi + Wireless Portable Smart Steam Eye Mask USB Charging Relieve Eyestrain Constant Temperature Heating 3D Surround APP Control Eye Protection Decompression Nourishes Skin Lightens Dark Circles - Grey
61€ 77€
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Product Overview

Hi+ Wireless Portable Smart Steam Eye Mask USB is an exclusive gadget for your eye care routine. The eye mask aids in alleviating eye strain with the healing effect of steam bath and hot compress massage, which relaxes the tired eyes instantly. The gadget is highly versatile and can handle tasks ranging from enhancing the user’s beauty by nourishing skin and lightening dark circles to improving vision by reducing fatigue.

The device is enhanced with the “Chinese medicine bathing eyes” strategy, which delivers warm steam at 42°C to relieve eye muscle fatigue. A constant temperature hot compress is also part of the gadget to guarantee that you feel comfortable while using the eye mask. As small water molecules penetrate the skin around the eyes instantly, it ultimately hydrates and moisturizes dry eyes.

Hi+ Wireless Portable Smart Steam Eye Mask USB gadget consists of a micron atomized steam that provides a delicate mist with a diameter of 0.004-0.008mm, which makes the mist more delicate. This feature enables the device to penetrate each skin layer quickly, including the pores, skin up to the makeup layer, and even around the eyes. The steam makes the eye lines smooth and lively, giving the eyes a more hydrated look.

Additionally, the device’s 3D groove design allows the steam to heat and diffuse explicitly around the eyes to safeguard the central eyeball. The 3D Surround Steam Hot Compress feature is part of the eye mask and is specifically designed to give you comfort after an exhausting day. The device’s high-precision temperature sensors ensure that the temperature is consistent and precise and is as comfortable as a hot towel and compress.

The device’s ergonomic design is based on food contact grade silicone material, which makes it delicate and comfortable to use for all face sizes. The silicone material is soft and skin-friendly, and it reduces discomfort and enables the eyes to wrap in at an accurate temperature, making it feel safe. The eye mask’s lightweight and wireless operation make it perfect for traveling and can be used anywhere, including long flights to create a comfortable environment and enjoy a quiet moment.


Product Review

The Hi+ Wireless Portable Smart Steam Eye Mask is an innovative device that provides the much-needed relief for your eyes. From the hot compress and steam that aim to relieve eye muscle fatigue to the micronized atomization that allows for smooth and radiant eyes, and the 3D groove design that protects the central eyeball, it is a must-have gadget for anyone struggling with eye fatigue at a highly discounted sale price.


Pros and Cons


  • It is wireless and lightweight.
  • It can be used anywhere and provides a comfortable environment.
  • It delivers warm steam that penetrates the skin and eye area and nourishes the eyes.
  • The device has an ergonomic design suitable for different face sizes and is comfortable to wear.


  • The user has to charge the device frequently.
  • It is expensive compared to regular eye masks, but its features make it worth the price.
  • The device may not be suitable for some people, such as those with allergies or some eye conditions.


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