GTRC GT2000 V2 P5B 2000mm Balsa Wood RC Glider

€322 €430
GTRC GT2000 V2 P5B 2000mm Balsa Wood RC Glider
GTRC GT2000 V2 P5B 2000mm Balsa Wood RC Glider
€322 €430

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ONLY €322 for GTRC GT2000 V2 P5B 2000mm Wingspan Balsa Wood RC Airplane Glider KIT/PNP – PNP


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GT2000 V2 version use thinner glassfiber head, carbon fiber canopy and carbon fiber tail pipe. The wing constructs a carbon fiber main beam, a carbon tube latch, and a three-stage plug-in structure design, which is convenient for carrying; and it uses a thinner optimized airfoil which improves the gliding performance. The accessories are made of a large number of carbon fiber parts, and the tail wing part is designed with a torsion spring, which has a good return to the center and a lightweight structure. While improving the quality, it reduces the weight of the plane and improves the performance of gliding.

Compared with V1, the GT-2000 V2 has already installed the carbon fiber tail pipe which reduces the difficulty of installing it, reduces the flight performance impact caused by the installation deviation.

Brand Name: G.T.RC

Item Name: GT2000 V2

Material: Balsa Wood

Wingspan: 2000mm

Fuselage Length: 1120mm

Wing Area: 30.3dm²

CG: About 60mm backward from the leading edge of the wing (adjusted according to the weather and wind)

Power Combo (Only included in PNP Version):

Motor: 2212 KV980

ESC: 30A

Propeller: 10×6 folding

Servo: 9g *2pcs, Customized HV digital metal servo *4pcs

Recommended Parts (Not Included):

Battery: 3S 11.1V 800mAh LiPo With XT60 Plug

Charger: Balance Charger

Radio System: 2.4G 6CH


KIT Version means airframe only,does not include motor,esc,servo,propeller,battery,charger,transmitter,receiver,glue.

PNP Version does not include battery,charger,transmitter,receiver,glue.

Because of different requirements of power system from RC players, you can choose the power system which you prefer. 

Below is some suggestions for your ref.

1)  Please choose the motor with the reverse shaft, the outer diameter is 28 grades, such as XM2838 P5B special motor, or higher performance motors.

2) You can apply normal 9g servos for the tail wing; but can not apply for the aileron and flap. because the wing shape is thin, the normal 9g servo can no longer be accommodated, you need use smaller ones, such as KST08, GDW1906, or Blue Arrow D0474HT MG. The thickness of this type of servo is not more than 9mm and the pulling force is more than 2kg.

Package Included:

1x GTRC GT2000 V2 P5B 2000mm Wingspan Balsa Wood RC Airplane Glider 


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