Furitek Mini Komodo 1806 2000KV Brushless Motor with 16T – BANGGOOD

24€ 32€
Furitek Mini Komodo 1806 2000KV Brushless Motor with 16T – BANGGOOD
Furitek Mini Komodo 1806 2000KV Brushless Motor with 16T – BANGGOOD
24€ 32€

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Unlock an incredible value offer at a mere 24€ with our exclusive COUPON for the Furitek Mini Komodo 1806 2000KV Brushless Motor paired with a 16T Steel Pinion Gear, an ideal enhancement for your Axial SCX24 1/24 Scale Rock Crawler. Furnish your miniature off-road warrior with premier components by Furitek, designated as model FUR-2256 – 2000KV, available only through BANGGOOD!

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Venture into the realm of cutting-edge RC technology with the distinguished Furitek Mini Komodo 1806 2000KV Brushless Motor adorned with the stalwart 16T Steel Pinion Gear. Suited perfectly for the enthusiast’s Axial SCX24 1/24 Scale Rock Crawler, this piece of electronic craftsmanship is now within your grasp at a value that’s hard to match with our special coupon offer. Designed for hobbyists yearning for an energetic and powerful escapade, its high power in a small package ensures a transformative upgrade, poised to elevate your RC exploits. Seize the moment to incorporate this jewel into your collection from Furitek’s impressive lineup.


Characterized by its functionality and ingenuity, the FURITEK FUR-2256 – 2000KV Brushless Motor stands as a pinnacle of remote control precision. The motor, enveloped in black metallic elegance, measures Ø23*15mm and tips the scales at an airy 19 grams. It’s specifically tailored for the agile Axial SCX24 1/24 scale crawler, parading its modest size while delivering fierce power comparative to its larger cousin, the Komodo 2204. Born from vigorous R&D, this powerhouse exhibits a hi-torque design enriched with high-grade copper windings for peak efficiency, and heat resistance. It operates on Japanese NMB ABEC5 bearings for fluent and efficient high-speed rotations. RC aficionados will appreciate the CNC-crafted 6061 aluminum heatsink can, mirroring its commitment to enduring quality. Specifications highlight a Kv rating of 2000 (RPM per Volt), a no-load power potential of up to 160W at 10 volts, compatibility with 2-4S LiPo batteries, and a stator size of 1806—merging into a performance-driven motor that’s ready to conquer your rigorous RC undertakings.


Furitek Mini Komodo 1806 2000KV Brushless Motor with 16T Steel Pinion Gear for Axial SCX24 1/24 Rock Crawler RC Car Vehicle Model Parts FUR-2256
24€ 32€


Small Product Review:
The Furitek Mini Komodo 1806 2000KV Brushless Motor exemplifies Furitek’s renowned dedication to top-tier engineering and cutting-edge technology in RC power systems. Ideal for RC enthusiasts, this motor delivers a promise of seamless and robust performance for the nuanced demands of RC crawler activities. The construction quality and the provision of a 16T Steel Pinion Gear contribute to a significant boost in performance, lending to what could be a pivotal upgrade for 1/24 scale crawlers such as the Axial SCX24. Pros: – Designed for lightness and a compact footprint, perfect for small-scale RC models. – Generates a remarkable torque output for substantial power advancements. – Expertly crafted with high-fidelity copper windings to increase efficiency. – Incorporates top-tier Japanese NMB ABEC5 bearings to promote smooth operations. – Features a durable aluminum heatsink for superior heat management. – Includes a CNC machined exterior, indicative of its reliable construction. Cons: – Might be seen as a pricey investment for hobbyists with limited budgets. – Demands a compatible ESC for full functionality, possibly entailing an extra cost. – Specialization means limited applicability outside its intended RC car models.

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