[EU WAREHOUSE] Flashforge Adventurer 3 3D Printer Build Volume 150*150*150 Mm

€449 €522
[EU WAREHOUSE] Flashforge Adventurer 3 3D Printer Build Volume 150*150*150 Mm
[EU WAREHOUSE] Flashforge Adventurer 3 3D Printer Build Volume 150*150*150 Mm
€449 €522

ONLY €449 for Flashforge Adventurer 3 3D Printer Build volume 150*150*150 mm


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Flashforge Adventurer 3 3D Printer Build volume 150*150*150 mm

Auto Leveling

Removable and Heating bed,much easier to take down models.Adventure 3 is suitable for various 3d printers filament,PLA,ABS,PETG, Copper PLA etc.

Detachable Nozzle

Remove the nozzle from extruder just in one push; Stainless steel tube material; Nozzle fast heated to 240°C in 50 seconds.If you need to print high-temperature filaments, you could install a 0.3, 0.4, 0.6mm 265°C nozzle.

Touchscreen Interface

The 2.8-inch color touchscreen interface makes every action visible. The printing status is in real-time.

Load & Unload Filament Automatically

With the creative filament feeding design, just need to insert the filament into the inlet and wait for loading filament to the nozzle automatically. More loading and unloading action can be operated on the touchscreen.

Filament Detection Function

Adventure 3 has automatic filament feeding function: Printer will detect filament and start loading automatically after filament has been inserted into the intake.Printing will be suspended automatically when filament is broken or used up, and printing will be resumed after user replaces the new filament.

Build-in Camera

The build-in camera helps to keep an eye on prints in case of incorrect settings, and helps to pause or abort printing via Wi-Fi by cloud.

Super Quiet

Adventurer 3 is equipped with super quiet printing designing, the sound of operation is 50 decibels, provide a quiet printing experience for colleague and family!

Support ABS

With the closed printing chamber and heatable platform, Adventurer 3 supports ABS, which is often used in the industrial application.

Adventurer 3 printing form is possible with FlashCloud. Different print files can be transmitted to the corresponding machine via Wi-Fi, it also supports in monitoring the printing process.


Similar quality can not be guaranteed with the third-party filament use.


Q1.How to solve if the nozzle is clogged?

1).Tape [Preheat], heat up the extruder to 240°C, after heating completed, press the pneumatic fittings and pull out the filament guide tube.Check whether the filament is bent or the tip of the filament is smooth, cut filament tip smooth and flat,install the filament guide tube and filament back, tap. 2).If not improving,use an unclogging pin tool to unclog filament. 3).if 1) and 2)are not improving, please replace the nozzle.

Q2.How to solve if displayed temperature is abnormal after replacing nozzle?

Abnormal temperature indicates extruder sensor can not be read,please check the nozzle whether it is well installed.

Q3.How to solve if no filament come out of extruder after tap [Build] model file and extruder begins moving normally?

1). Check the filament guide tube, make sure filament has been pushed into the extruder, if not, please tap [Load]. Restart building model file after you see filament come out of extruder. 2). Check the nozzle whether it is clogged or not, if so, please refer to Q1 for resolution.

Q4.The extruder clicking and no Filament come out of extruder, what is the problem and how to solve?

Filament has not loaded into extruder, making out chug noise,more likely the nozzle is clogged or filament guide tube is not properly installed. Check the guide tube joint first, if the guide tube is normal, refer to Q1 for resolution.

Q5. After replacing nozzle completed, printer status displays extruder temperature is 300°C, extruder fan is also working, what is the problem and how to solve?

1).The new nozzle is not properly installed, extruder temperature can not be read and the displayed extruder temperature is abnormal. Please plug out and install the nozzle again. 2).Reseat the thermocouple, then restart the printer.

If the issues or questions are not covered in this FAQ, you could seek for solutions on User Guide-Chapter 3 or email to us.


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