YouTube makes it easy to resume watching a mobile video on desktop

YouTube makes it easy to resume watching a mobile video on desktop0

YouTube has a new feature that allows you to quickly switch from smartphone to desktop when watching a video, 9to5Google has reported. If you’re watching something in the YouTube app on Android or iOS and exit before it finishes, a mini-player with the same video will open in the bottom corner when you launch YouTube on the web. Rather than showing the channel name as it usually does, however, “Continue watching” is displayed beneath the title. 

Clicking the play button will start playback in the mini-player, or you can expand it to open the video. The feature makes it quicker to get to a video you’ve already been watching, if you’re getting back home after being on a train, for example. Otherwise, unless you checked “watch later,” you’d have to check your history section and pull up the video from there.

The feature appears to be rolling out to users, though I wasn’t able to see it yet in France even though I’m in YouTube’s Android beta testing program. As such, the new feature may take awhile to roll out to your neck of the woods, too.
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