Starling Home Hub can now add the new Nest cameras to HomeKit, letting you ditch the Google Home app

Starling Home Hub can now add the new Nest cameras to HomeKit, letting you ditch the Google Home app0

I’ve written countless articles about the Starling Home Hub, but the device keeps getting better with no subscription necessary for continuous updates. Earlier this summer, it added AirPlay to Google Nest speakers, and I’ve used it almost daily since then. Today, a new update is available that brings support for the latest Nest cameras to HomeKit.

Our sister site 9to5Google reviewed one of the new Nest cameras and had this to say:

The issues in question come from other interactions, specifically with some of the more advanced features and settings. Google’s organization in the Home app feels sloppy, and it’s an issue that plagues everything in the app. Under the Nest Cam (battery) settings, you’ll find generic device information at the top followed by notifications. Under this section you can tweak what notifications you’ll get, even with the ability to adjust notifications based on the type of motion that’s in the frame. The battery tab is also fairly straightforward, with a simple percentage of how much juice is in the battery and a toggle for the battery saver.

For those in the Apple ecosystem, avoiding the Google Home app altogether would be a welcome option. Unfortunately, one major change from the 2021 Nest cameras is they don’t allow you to access them from the previous Nest web portal, so there’s no easy way to access them from your laptop. In addition, even if you liked the Google Home app, it can’t control Nest Secure, so if you’re all in on Nest, you’ll end up using two separate apps.

While it’s been possible to recreate most of the features from Starling Home Hub for free using Homebridge, it’s currently not possible to add the 2021 Nest cameras to Homebridge.

With the new firmware for Starling Home Hub, you can now add these cameras to HomeKit so you can create automations, monitor from the Home app, and access on all your devices, including Apple TV. For example, you can easily create an automation that when one of the new battery-powered Nest cameras detects motion, it turns on a HomeKit-enabled light.

If you already have the device, go to on your local network to start the update, or purchase one directly from the developer for a one-time price of $89.
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