Sony is making it harder to buy PS3 and Vita games

Sony is making it harder to buy PS3 and Vita games0

Sony may be keeping the PS3 and Vita stores alive, but that doesn’t mean it will be easy to shop. Kotaku noticed that Sony is shutting down credit card, debit card and PayPal store payments for its older consoles on October 27th. From then on, you’ll have to either load your virtual wallet (through the web or another console) or rely on gift cards β€” you can’t just buy games directly.

The company didn’t explain the decision in a notice to customers. We’ve asked Sony for comment.

Whatever the reasoning, the reduced payment options send a not-so-subtle signal: Sony would really, really like you to stop buying games for older consoles and move on to a PS4 or PS5. That’s unsurprising when the PS3 is 15 years old and has the aging store infrastructure to match, but it’s not very reassuring if you’re hanging on to a PS3 or Vita to play classic games.
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