Obsidian’s old-timey Pentiment gets a November release date

You can play it on Xbox as well as COMPUTER on November 15th

Obsidian’s old-timey Pentiment gets a November release date0

Pentiment, the brand-new narrative video game from Microsoft’s Obsidian Entertainment that appears like middle ages art revived, will certainly be launched on Xbox as well as COMPUTER on November 15th. Microsoft initially introduced the video game throughout its current Xbox Showcase yet, at the time, just gave a flexible “November 2022” launch home window.

Obsidian, which is understood for video games like Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II as well as Fallout: New Vegas, defines Pentiment as a “narrative-adventure game” that absorbs 16th-century Bavaria. “You will take on the role of Andreas Maler, a very clever journeyman artist who gets caught up in a series of murders and scandals that spans 25 years in the fictional town of Tassing and Kiersau Abbey,” Obsidian’s Mikey Dowling claimed in an article concerning the release date news.

To me, what’s truly interesting concerning Pentiment is the video game’s art, as well as I very motivate you to enjoy the announcement trailer from the Xbox Showcase to see it moving. It type of advises me of Card Shark, which had a likewise distinct design that I likewise liked.

Pentiment is likewise noteworthy for being among simply a couple of Xbox console exclusives appearing this year. If you’re an Xbox Game Pass or COMPUTER Game Pass customer, you can currently preinstall it so you can play the video game when it introduces, or if you’d like to get the video game independently, you can preorder it for $19.99.

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