LIVE: Samsung recruits Vanilla Ice to fight climate change

Samsung recruits Vanilla Ice to fight climate change0

Samsung wants you to increase your freezer’s temperature to lower our collective carbon footprint, and it has enlisted Vanilla Ice’s help to convince you. The rapper has re-released his 1990 hit song Ice Ice Baby as Reduce Your Ice, Ice Baby, both to call on everyone to adjust their freezer’s temp and to promote its new Bespoke Refrigerator range. “Turn down the freeze, and I’ll glow. Jus’ one degree, I raise the temp like a vandal, climate friendly, wax a chump like a candle,” Vanilla Ice raps in the song. 

Based on a study the tech giant conducted using European Commission data, if every household in Europe alone increases its freezer’s temperature by one degree Celsius, it could lower humanity’s carbon emissions by over a million tons annually. The company says that’s equivalent to the amount of carbon dioxide emitting by over 217,000 passenger vehicles being driven for an entire year. That’s also equivalent to the yearly energy usage of over 120,000 homes combined. While it’s hoping to convince you to adjust your freezer’s temperature a bit, it does have a recommended minimum setting of -17 degrees Celsius or 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

As for the fridge Samsung is promoting, the new Bespoke Refrigerator has a modular design with interchangeable panels in 14 different colors and a range of finishes. The company says it could help reduce waste, because you’ll be able to upgrade the fridge in the future instead of replacing it completely. You can see the fridge in Vanilla Ice’s ’90s style music video for Reduce Your Ice, Ice Baby below.

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