Jack Dorsey is not a CEO, he’s the Block Head

Block announced the change in an SEC filing

Jack Dorsey is not a CEO, he’s the Block Head0 This is Dorsey’s official image on Block’s “Leadership” website.

Jack Dorsey’s new title at Block is not CEO, but Block Head. No, this is not a very belated April Fools’ joke. The company filed an 8-K with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announcing the change — and of course, the new title came into effect on 4/20.

Despite the new title (which, in full, is “Block Head and Chairperson”), Dorsey’s job at Block, the company formerly known as Square, will ultimately remain the same: there will be “no changes in Mr. Dorsey’s roles and responsibilities, and he will continue to serve as principal executive officer of the Company.” Block’s bylaws also no longer require that the company to have an officer with the title of CEO and president, which seems to mean that anyone who succeeds Dorsey in his role could also be called Block Head.

The change happened at Dorsey’s request, according to the filing. Perhaps he saw his blocky face on Block’s official “Leadership” website, which I have used as the image at the top of this post, and decided to go all the way with the joke. (As of press time, that page still lists his title as CEO.)

Dorsey follows Elon Musk in leading a company but adopting a wacky title in lieu of CEO, as Musk crowned himself the Technoking of Tesla in 2021.

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