Fitbit and Google Fit metrics are heading to the Nest Hub

More fodder in Google’s broader health and wearables push

Fitbit and Google Fit metrics are heading to the Nest Hub 0 The 2nd generation Google Nest Hub introduced sleep tracking in 2021.

In the leadup to Google I/O, Google has been sprinkling small updates here and there that indicate its big wearables push is well underway. The latest is a new Google support page for an integration that will enable Google Fit and Fitbit users to view their activity metrics on the Nest Hub.

The page, which was first spotted by 9to5Google, offers simple step-by-step instructions on how to link Google Fit or Fitbit accounts to the display via Google Assistant. One thing that’s unclear is whether this applies to all Nest Hub displays or just the second-generation device. The latter introduced sleep tracking last year, thanks to Google’s Soli sensor technology. While the feature had its quirks, we found it to be convenient and reliable in our testing.

While it may seem like this new integration is a relatively small one, it’s yet another hint that Google is laying a bigger foundation for a forthcoming Pixel Watch. Not only have there been several Pixel Watch leaks over the last few weeks, but the smartwatch is also expected to debut some kind of Fitbit integration. It’d be the first real native Fitbit integration on the Wear OS platform since Google acquired the company.

Google also previously emphasized it’s betting big on ambient computing. Linking its new flagship wearable along with its Nest Hub displays is another example of interconnectivity between existing Google gadgets. A reason to buy into the Made by Google ecosystem, if you will. In any case, Google’s been playing a game of catchup in wearables and consumer health for some time now, with 2022 looking like the year where it finally takes a massive step forward. We’ll likely see something related to the Pixel Watch at Google I/O — whether it’s a quick tease or a more in-depth announcement is anyone’s guess. However, even if we don’t learn much, it wouldn’t be a big surprise to see more incremental updates like this trickle out in the coming weeks and months.
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