Firefox Focus revamp gives you more control over privacy and tracking

Firefox Focus revamp gives you more control over privacy and tracking0

Mozilla likes to cut distractions and speed up browsing, and its latest browser reflects that priority. The developer has revamped Firefox Focus for Android and iOS to give it a “fresh new look” (including a dark theme), more privacy and quicker access. There’s now a shield icon to quickly turn trackers on or off, not to mention a global counter for every blocked tracker. You’ll find a shortcut feature, too, to help you visit favorite sites that much sooner.

Firefox is receiving improvements on other platforms. On top of easier password autofill, Firefox users on Android (iOS is coming later this year) can easily create new passwords for apps or unlock accounts using only biometric data like fingerprints and facial recognition.

And yes, Mozilla is taking advantage of Microsoft’s loosened Windows 11 store rules for third-party browsers. The company has promised that Firefox will be available through Microsoft’s app portal “later this year.” While that doesn’t provide a firm date, it’s a welcome addition for users who want to quickly grab an alternative to Edge.
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