Apple TV+ hit series ‘Ted Lasso’ signs licensing deal with English Premier League

Apple TV+ hit series 'Ted Lasso' signs licensing deal with English Premier League0

Ahead of production on season three, the Apple TV+ hit series Ted Lasso has signed a major licensing deal with the Premier League, according to The Athletic.

The deal will allow the show to use official Premier League materials including archive footage, club logos, and the league’s trophy as part of the episodes. The deal is said to be worth about £500,000.

This should mean that season three of the series will feature references to real Premier League teams and players.

Apparently, the producers had been pursuing this deal in the past but the League management was apprehensive.

However, in light of the show’s audience success and recent award wins, the League has come around to the idea. Some of the Premier League executives are also said to be enjoying the series, which always helps get a deal struck.

The second season finale of Ted Lasso airs this Friday, October 8. The show was renewed for a third season last year, which is expected to begin filming in January 2022 and be available later in the year.
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