Apple Card giving Daily Cash credits to iPhone 13 buyers affected by pre-order glitches

Apple Card giving Daily Cash credits to iPhone 13 buyers affected by pre-order glitches0

On the morning of iPhone 13 pre-orders, many Apple Card users attempted to make their purchases but were presented with various different error messages. Now, in an attempt to make the situation right, Apple is giving Daily Cash credits to those who tried to make their iPhone 13 purchases with Apple Card but ultimately had to use another payment method.

As we reported on the morning of iPhone 13 pre-orders:

The Apple Card processing system appears to be suffering from a variety of bugs this morning. Users report that they were seemingly unable to pay for their iPhone 13 using Apple Card, but other payment methods worked as normal. But of course, this means you miss out on the 3% Daily Cash if you don’t pay with Apple Card. 

Apple Card offers 3% Daily Cash back for all purchases from Apple, including iPhone pre-orders. This makes Apple Card one of the most lucrative credit cards to use for Apple purchases, especially because you get 3% back on the full purchase price of the iPhone (or any Apple product) even if you finance it.

In an email to Apple Card users obtained by 9to5Mac, Apple says:

You successfully completed your iPhone pre-order with a payment method other than Apple Card. We understand that your initial purchase attempt with Apple Card was declined and you didn’t earn 3% Daily Cash.

We apologize for the inconvenience you experienced and want to make it up to you. We are providing you a credit for the Daily Cash on the initial payment of your iPhone 13. You’ll see this appear as a Balance Adjustment in the Wallet app. This will also appear on your October monthly statement.

Apple also says that iPhone Upgrade Program members can earn Daily Cash back on future iPhone payments by going to the Citizen Loan website.

Were you unable to place your iPhone 13 pre-order using Apple Card last month? Did you receive this email from Apple? Let us know down in the comments!

Thanks, Jacob!
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