221 Electrical Connectors Wire

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221 Electrical Connectors Wire
221 Electrical Connectors Wire
€9 €16

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ONLY €9 for 75pcs For 221 Electrical Connectors Wire Block Clamp Terminal Cable Reusable Mini Quick Home Wire Terminal Connector


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221 Electrical Connectors Wire

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– When inserting the wire into the connector, the wire will not come loose.
– The wire connector has a strong pulling force.
– The wire connector shell is made of the best high-quality PC insulating material, which has the advantages of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, aging resistance and so on.
– These lever wire connectors are more secure than traditional wire nuts or traditional wire connection methods.
– There is a test hole on the back of the pull wire connector, which is used to check if the wire is powered.
– A variety of standard test probes can be used to check lever wire connectors. What’s more, the lever wire connector has a transparent high-quality housing that allows you to check the wire length, and wire insertion is done through the transparent housing. It is convenient to confirm whether the wire is plugged into the jack.
– Open the wire housing to 0.35-0.47 inches.
– Push the orange lever to 90° and insert the wire.
– Plug in the wire and press the lever.
– No tools are required to connect the wires, just by hand. It’s easy to use and safe. Push the orange lever to 90° and insert the wire and put the clip back into place.
Wring method and cross section:
Solid Wires Size (BV,BVR) 0.14-4mm^2 28-12AWG
Fine-stranded Wires(RV(>30)) 0.08-4.0mm^2
Strip lengthaeProduct.getSubject() 9-10mm/0.47in
Product Name: Universal wire connector
Material of Insulation: modified nylon(PA66)
Contact material: Phosphor copper
Wire Cross section: 0.08 – 2.5mm2(single hard wire); 0.08 ~ 4mm2(multi soft wire)
Color: Grey+Orange
Rated Current: 32A
Rated Voltage: 250V
Rated Impulse Voltage: 4KV
Rated power: 8KW
Safety advice: We have to use a secure wire connector to avoid unsafe electrical that may cause a fire. It can completely help you eliminate the electrical connection security risks. It is safe and transparent visible, and easy to use, just plug directly.
Package includes: 
35pcs x 2 port
25pcs x 3 port
15pcs x 5 port


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